Dog Boot Camp

Board and Train programs are great for busy individuals that do not have the time or skill set to fully train their dog on their own. This program allows your dog to live with a professional dog trainer in a full-immersion setting; which allows your dog to live the lifestyle for a certain period of time before transitioning back home with you.

Dog Obedience Classes

This style of dog training allows you to train your dog amongst other dog owners who are also learning new obedience and training commands. This training setting is great for dogs that do not have any serious behavioral issues. Speak to a dog trainer today to find the perfect fit for you and your dog's needs.

Dog Training Lessons

Private dog training lessons are a great way to work with a professional dog trainer one-on-one without the distractions of other people or dogs. This style of training allows your dog to be the main focus and will get much more out of the dog training experience.

We understand how important it is to have a well-behaved dog. That is why we truly believe that in order for you to fully enjoy your dog, you will need to train your dog so that he or she understands their pack dynamic in your family. Allowing your dog to have too much freedom to soon will likely lead to behavioral problems as your dog ages and reaches maturity. Giving your new dog (regardless of age) all this freedom without implementing rules and boundaries first – only confuses your dog. This is because your dog will not see you as an authoritative figure in their life and they will likely try to control or dominate you or other family members.

Dog’s are pack animals and because of that they need structure in order to grow into stable individuals. A dog that does not have this is likely to try and fill that leadership role themselves since it is genetically programmed into them. Leading your dog consists of communication, clear boundaries, and consistency. However, many times we give too much love and affection before other very important things. By mixing theses up, we typically confuse the dog. If you would like to better understand your dog and how to can begin to communicate clearer, then speak to a trainer today. That way they can thoroughly discuss your dog with you and go over different behaviors your dog may be experiencing or displaying. Some of the local, professional dog trainers even offer free evaluations for your dog. Contact us today to get in touch with a dog trainer near you.

Once you and your dog trainer discuss your dog. They can then put together a customized dog training program based on your and your dog’s needs. Dog training programs should never be identical – no two dogs are alike nor should their learning experience be. Every dog is different; which is why a customized training program based on your individual dog is key to success.

We offer many types of training programs including puppy training, potty training camps, behavior modification programs, obedience training, doggy bootcamps, dog training classes, private in-home dog training, and much more. No matter what your dog’s behavior is, how old, or what breed of dog – we can help you achieve your dog training goals.


Does Your Dog:

  • Bark or whine constantly?
  • Pull on the leash or control the walk?
  • Need potty training help?
  • Run away or bolt out the door?
  • Shows aggressive, fearful, or anxious behaviors?
  • Destroy stuff when you’re not home?
  • Play rough with other dogs or does not know when to stop?
  • Ignore you or commands given?

Do You Want Your Dog To:

  • Ring bells on the door to go potty?
  • Walk right next to you without pulling?
  • Come back to you when you call their name?
  • Become more confident and relaxed?
  • Respect boundaries you set?
  • Look to you for guidance and direction?
  • Play appropriately with other dogs?
  • Be an enjoyable dog to be around 24/7?

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